Birthday Post!

18 03 2010

Pisces Power!

It’s my 25th birthday today! How exciting! A whole day devoted to….ME! And for a person as awesome as me, I know it’s a pretty great day. And to make it even better, the weather is beautiful, as it’s been all week.

I’ve been trying to come up with a most awesome post for today. I could go on about how unlike most of my peers, I am actually pretty psyched to be getting another year under my belt, but I feel like I already did that shpiel last year.

I considered posting a predictable song like the always great Beatles song, “Birthday.” Or even the not so well known song by Stevie Wonder, “Happy Birthday.” -Both would have been acceptable choices. But my blog is (shall we say) “too cool for school,” and like me, tries to steer away from the predictable and ordinary. So I’m celebrating my birthday by sharing with you a few of my all-time, never-changing favorite songs. (Besides, this does seem to be a music-themed week of posts!) So without further ado, please enjoy:




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