Van The Man

17 03 2010

I’ve been seeing a trend in my posts this week. They are all about music. So to continue with this theme, I am bringing you my musical post for St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day music doesn’t bring to mind Irish folk music for me. (I’m not much of a fan.) And while I did see the insane Irish band, The Pogues last fall, they are not exactly who I think of, either. To me, Irish music first brings to mind great, Van Morrison.

I have grown up listening to Van Morrison. My dad is seriously, Van The Man’s Number One Fan. (He owns every album and live concert album of Morrison’s.) While I have inevitably also discovered a fondness for this musician, I have always joked about how it is virtually impossible to understand his lyrics. My dad claims this is because of his Irish accent, but I think it is just because Van barely opens his mouth and kind of just mumbles to music (quite effectively, too, I might add!).

I’ve seen Van Morrison perform live a number of times, and every time he wears sunglasses. I’m told that it’s because he is severely shy. I think that’s cute, since I too, can be very shy. I applaud his guts to continue to perform live shows and even on TV for big-names, Regis and Kelly (see below). I can not believe that Regis got the name wrong of Van’s most famous song, too at 5:12. Just a shame, really.

As you can hear in the first song Van plays (from the album, Astral Weeks), his music definitely incorporates the sound of Irish folk music with rock and R&B/Soul and (from what I can only imagine) pleasant, lovey-dovey lyrics.

For a great video of Van Morrison performing his song, “Days Like This”, check out this site and have a very happy St. Patrick’s Day!




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