Uncle Lucius And My Love For Southern Rock

15 03 2010

This past Friday night, my friend and I headed to the State Theatre in the unknown territory to us, known as East Falls Church. We went there to see a concert of one of my favorite musicians, Leon Russel.

Leon Russell’s show was pretty fun. I would venture to say that about 60% of the music he performed were covers. While I prefer his original song-writing, he does cover artists like The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Chuck Berry very well. Russell keeps the songs recognizable, while adding his Southern twang for a fun kick. I was surprised that Leon Russell didn’t actually sing lead on a number of his songs. A few times, his bass player sang lead, and on two songs, his guitarist took the stage and the spotlight for some solo time with the audience. The bassist’s solo songs were good (though they sounded like practically the same blues standard) and I liked his “too cool for school” look he had going.

Well, the real reason I write this post is (like in this post) to inform you of my new favorite band who opened for Leon Russell, known as Uncle Lucius. Uncle Lucius is from Austin, Texas and plays some great Southern Rock/Blues. The band members are Joshua Dane Greco, Michael Carpenter, Kevin Galloway, and Hal Vorpahl and you can read up on the story of how they met on their Facebook page. I definitely recommend you listening to their music on their myspace page here. (My favorite songs include, “Everybody Got Soul,” “Aint’ It The Same,” and “Mississippi Highway” –in that order.) You should also check out their website: uncleluciusmusic.com, in which you can listen to snippets of their new album called, Pick Your Head Up.

I will admit that one of the reasons I am so taken with this band is that I fell madly in love for their drummer, Joshua Greco. Like I have stated in blog posts past, I am a total sucker for huge, poofy Jew Fros, much like the one Mr. Greco was sporting on Friday night:

Love the hair, love the ring-less left hand.

His hair was bigger than this on Friday.

Somehow I was able to listen to the band’s rockin’ music, while being totally mesmerized by Greco’s hair. (Seriously, wow.) Uncle Lucius reminded me of my love for most things Southern. I love BBQ, Professional Bull Riding (PBR), cowboy culture, the accents, and yes, the music. I’d take Southern Rock over country any day. I admit though, that my education on Southern Rock isn’t too broad. I like Lynyrd Skynrd and have seen them live which was pretty awesome, but aside from them and Leon Russell, I can’t name too many Southern Rock bands. So when Uncle Lucius took the stage and played, I was pleasantly entertained. (On a related note, I would say that 70% of the time, when there’s an opening act that I have not heard of, I will like their music. So the chances I’d enjoy Uncle Lucius’ music were favorable.)

After they played and the stage was being set up for the main show, I considered buying any merchandise that was for sale for my new favorite band. Unfortunately I did not leave my seat until the end of the show and the only things for sale were promoting Leon Russell. Guess I might have to buy Uncle Lucius’ album online. I hope Uncle Lucius comes back to play in the area sometime soon, because I will totally go see them; opening band or not!

from left: Joshua Dane Greco, Kevin Galloway, Hal Vorpahl, Michael Carpenter

Check out a video of them playing and a video interview of the band here!




5 responses

24 03 2010
Cash Edwards

Hey i caught this on a google alert – fun to get such good responses for my artists… I’m their publicist. They should be up your way again before the year ends.

best, Cash

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