Get Wimpy!

10 03 2010

One of my favorite books, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is becoming a movie in a few weeks and boy am I excited. The book, by UMD alumn, Jeff Kinney, has become a series about a wimpy boy in middle school. The books are written in the voice of the main character, Greg Heffley and illustrates his wimp-tastic life throughout middle school (and summer vacation). A unique aspect of these books is that in addition to being in the format of Greg’s diary journal, there are also plenty of illustrations that look like they’ve been drawn by a middle school. It’s very cute.

This morning, I discovered this fun website for the movie, due in theaters the day after my birthday, on March 19th.  The website provides a number of trailers, photos, and character descriptions. The child in me was also thoroughly entertained by the games on the site. In one of the games you can “Wimp Yourself” which basically means that you can create a “Wimpy Kid” character to look just like yourself (or anyone, really). This is the one I made of myself:

Anyways, basically everyone should go see the movie. And read the books. They are quick reads. I read an entire book on my hour-long lunch break once. I guarantee they will make you laugh. And if the story doesn’t draw you in, I’m sure the clever cartoons and journal layout will grab your attention. I can’t wait to see the movie!




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