Sports Quotes

9 03 2010

Last night at the unfortunate loss to the Dallas Stars, my friend made a pretty awesome comment about the Caps’ standings in their division:

Me: The Caps are 30 points ahead of the next team in their division. They are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.

R: Unless everyone on the team dies, they are definitely getting into the playoffs.

How very true. In other sports news, my friend and I were discussing how spring training for baseball is underway. I was saying how I want to go to an Orioles game in Baltimore. The last O’s game I went to was in D.C. at National’s Stadium. (O’s won in extra innings!) The “Battle of the Beltways” is always a fun game to go to, to which my friend made the great crack:

“The Battle of the Beltways is like The Special Olympics.”

Ouch. So sad, and yet so true. Boy, do I miss those days when the Orioles were actually a good team. (Yes, I can remember that far back.) The same can not be said for the Nats however…




One response

9 03 2010

I would also like to quote your mom: “I didn’t know you were a nice Jewish boy!”

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