Slowly Becoming Hipster

9 03 2010

Hey guys. I have some news which you might find unfortunate. I think I am becoming a Hipster. It was just a few weeks ago that my cousin told me of a Hipster band called Yeasayer. In an effort to remain as “square” as possible, I declined to look into the group. I hadn’t heard of them, and wasn’t interested in doing so. No thanks, Hipster culture. You won’t suck me in, too. Well, little did I know that it may as well have been inevitable. What, with my already borderline Hipster taste in music and fascination with select pieces of Hipster fashion, I was unaware of my future in the Hipster movement.

What was the tip off? Today I listened to the latest hit single from Yeasayer. The website, Pitchfork very accurately describes the video:

“…A guy with a morphing alien face walks into a severely made-up hipster party, where Yeasayer are playing on lit-up instruments and everyone else looks like they’re trying out for a Lady Gaga video.”

It may have been their mesmerizing and superbly bizarre video which sucked me into the tune. I recommend checking out the video here. I admit that I have been listening to that song on repeat for the past hour or so. Have I even heard anything else by Yeasayer yet? No…I’m trying to avoid succumbing to being Hipster as long as I can. Maybe it isn’t that bad of a thing to be a Hipster?



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