March Is Drinking Month

5 03 2010

In a recent effort to lose weight and gain self-control, I thought it would be a wise idea to ban drinking alcoholic beverages during the month of March (or at least for three weeks) as I described in this earlier post. Little did I know however, that apparently this year March has become the month of drinking specials. Of course there is St. Patrick’s Day about half-way through the month, but I thought other than that, I’d be clear of any popular reason to be tempted to drink. Boy, did I chose the wrong month not to drink. Let’s dissect the month ahead…

All of the days that I could be drinking are in blue. This does not include days when there are Caps games, in which case I could watch the game at a bar with a few drinks in tow.

We start off with this Saturday, March 6. According to the Express paper, This Saturday is the Leprechaun Lap, “the day-long bar crawl when a dozen Dupont Circle and Midtown watering holes offer cut-beer price ($2 Coors Light! $3 Blue Moon!) and $5 Jameson Irish whiskey drinks.” The bar-crawl lasts all day and there are numerous drink specials. More information can be found here.

The next date is March 11. On this special day is a party the day after The Sign of the Whale’s grand re-opening party. I could mention all of their events that week, but the 11th is special, because DCKickballers get in for free for a Power Hour from 8-9PM.

On March 13, is the popular Shamrock Fest. This is a crazy day at the RFK stadium parking lot filled with concerts and drinking and general insanity. While I have never been before, many of my friends have gone, and it always looks like fun.

That night, a few of my friends are also having an international party of drinking games associated with certain countries and their signature alcoholic beverages.

March 17 is known to most everyone as St. Patrick’s Day, and while many people are not Christian, apparently that doesn’t matter on what has become a holiday to drink yourself silly. St. Patrick’s Day has been commercialized to the point of what seems like a National holiday like Mardi Gras.

The day after, on March 18 is my birthday!!!!!

And on March 19 I am celebrating my birthday with a night-long party!

To continue this weekend, on March 20 a friend of mine is hosting a movie double feature complete with lots of drinking.

Also of importance on that day is the DCKickball Flip Cup Tournament. All past flip cup tournaments have proven to be either extremely memorable or …not. But either way, it is a sure-fire day of tons o’ fun and drinking.

After a week I’ll be going to Mexico with my family for a vacation. When I told my mom of my idea not to drink during March, she pointed out that I would “have to drink when we go to Mexico.” Wow, Mom. Way to be a good parent!

For those of you not going on a random Spring Break trip, on March 27 is a Charity Bar Game Triathlon hosted by the United Skeeball Association.

As you can see, I clearly chose the wrong month not to drink. Last night in fact, I went to a charity event at Neiman Marcus in which there were free specialty cocktails. I did resist the urge for even just a sip. While I was very proud of myself for resisting the drink, they did sound especially delicious, and who knows when the next time will be when I can try such a concoction. ….And it was free! I know, seriously, what was I thinking. In all honesty, I really would like to keep to this non-drinking regime for the month like my plan, but I just wish I was not aware of all these temptations! Hopefully my strong will will keep me going in the right direction!



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6 03 2010

This is drinking month. We will not survive.

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