New Caps Mascot

4 03 2010

Breaking news!

For some reason, the Washington Capitals thought it was necessary to bring in a second mascot to their organization. Observe below:

According to Slapshot’s Facebook page, it will be up to the Kids Club Members to help name Slapshot’s cousin, the new addition to Slapshot’s family (aka: former family of one). Currently this baby eagle is listed on the roster as “Slapshot Jr.”

Aside from this new guy being unnecessary in my mind, he looks a bit different too. Take note at his sideways hat and (I don’t know how to say this…) black face. I know the Caps are always trying to appeal to all walks of life, but um, this time, it is a bit much. I kind of really hope this new mascot is a rappin’ hip hoppin’ stereotype-huggin’ black bird.

My co-workers and I offered up these name suggestions:

  • Puck Up (initials would be P.U.)
  • Lil’ Fly (It’s a bird. Get it? I love it.)

I’m trying to think up more, but I especially love “Lil’ Fly.” Anyone else got any good suggestions? You know, I’ve already got an “in” with Slapshot, so maybe if we come up with a cool enough name (or just say that a kid came up with the suggestion) then your idea could win!




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