March Resolution

2 03 2010

A few of my friends want to lose weight and came up with a goal for the month of March. They concluded that a big factor that was keeping them from losing weight was their too-frequent consumption of alcohol (and the food they ate along with it). So for the month of March (except for one day reserved for drinking to celebrate a birthday) they are forgoing alcohol. It’s a pretty big step to go cold turkey from drinking for a month, but as my friend pointed out, he doesn’t need alcohol to have fun, and could really stand to lose some weight.

I thought this was a noble idea and so I too, am partaking in this exercise of self-control and dieting. No drinking during the month shouldn’t be too difficult to manage. I will however, be drinking when I celebrate my birthday in a few weeks. I thought that was going to be the only exception to the month, but I just found out that the day after my birthday celebration is a huge Flip Cup tournament. I kind of can’t resist a chance to play flip cup competitively, so I may also have to drink then too. And then I remembered that I am taking a family trip to Mexico at the end of the month. While I still do not have to consume alcohol on the trip, the native Mexican cervesa or tropical beverage may come into play instead of drinking the possibly-dirty drinking water in that country.

All in all, however, I think it is an exciting goal to take on. I don’t need the liquor, the carbs, the calories, or the habit. I’m hoping that if all goes well during March, then I can continue this non-drinking through mid-April until the new kickball season begins. If anything, non-drinking will lower my tolerance, thus making it more adventurous and interesting when I do happen to break the drought!

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2 03 2010
Matthew Bryan Metzger

I’m gonna drink. I can’t help myself

2 03 2012
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