Canada Has Giant Beavers!

1 03 2010

Last night I sent a somewhat urgent instant message to a friend:

“Quick! Turn on NBC right now! Canada has GIANT BEAVERS!”

Yes folks, it’s true. If I learned anything from Vancouver’s Olympics Closing Ceremonies last night, it’s that the country has mermaid-looking butterfly-Maple Leaf people, gay hockey players who dance, and giant beavers. Let’s take a confused and baffled look, shall we?


Dancing hockey players promote Sidney Crosby = gay rumors.

Canada's "hot mess" of a celebration.




3 responses

1 03 2010

I linked your photos on RMNB’s twitter account. Hilarious. Thank you for putting these up!

2 03 2010

awesome. you’re welcome! glad to please!

2 03 2010

haha, great

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