What’s Cool? Not Being Cool.

26 02 2010

Lately I’ve been doing some extensive research on a sub-culture of our society which seems to be very subtly taking over. The unique thing about this sub-culture is that they do not aspire to doing much, so the fact that they are becoming so wide-spread is something of a phenomenon. This population is made up of those who insist on standing out by fitting in. They scoff at brand-name clothing, yet stick to a select few popular stores when shopping for what wear. They are fixated on irony whether or not it is apparent to them. They deny being who they are. Yes, that’s right. I’m referring to the Hipsters.

A great example of irony in the Hipster culture.

“That’s what being hipster is all about: wow-ing people, and being cooler than everyone else,” confidentially quips a video blogger (“vlogger”) Caroline on YouTube. She can be seen in a few Hipster fashion how-to videos (see below). The problem I have with this statement of hers is that it somewhat contradicts how one can put an effort into being cool, and yet, in true Hipster fashion, deny the fact that they are cool and are a Hipster.

The following quote is from this website which shows us a how-to video on creating an ideal Hipster look:

“Then we have your more standard hipster items like the scarf. Every good hipster in the fall, is gonna have a scarf. Just wrap one around! You gotta wear one! You gotta protect the neck. Not only does it keep you warm, but it sets you apart from everyone, ’cause you can just wear all black and have a scarf and then you’re cool, right? But not really. Also a crochet beret is also standard, standard hipster wear for us girls. You just gotta have these hats! You just gotta! Just put one on. Everyone’s wearing them.”

I can not believe this girl is being so bossy about what to wear. “You just gotta!”  I am surprised at her extroverted attitude towards others here. The stereotypical mannerisms are to be extremely passé and show that you do not care about anything. I guess this is once again, another fine example of what Hipsters have been known to perfect: irony.

As you can see, Hipsters can be best recognized by their distinctive style of dress. While there are many different types of Hipsters (see this fine example), it is still pretty easy to tell a Hipster from a non-Hipster.

An additional category of Hipsters not included in most people’s vocabulary is the “Blipster.” A Blipster is a Black Hipster. From my observations, Blipsters are more inclined to dress in bold, vibrant, neon colors. From their skinny jeans to their high-top shoes, to their insanely-patterned hoodies, Blipsters have a more wild color palette.

Musician M.I.A., though actually Sri Lankan, demonstrates her Blipster sense of fashion.

Of course, Hipsters are not solely defined by their fashion. Hipsters are also known for their exclusive taste in music. Hipsters pride themselves in liking musicians and bands which are still up-and-coming in the music industry. Hipsters will quickly lose interest in music groups once they catch on and become popular with the mainstream “aka: square” rest of the world. Some current popular musicians in the Hipster music loop nowadays include Animal Collective and MGMT and a lot of other groups I have never heard of. From what I can gather, the difference between Hipster music and Indie music (it’s own more specific genre, short for Independent music) is that Hipster music incorporates more of an electronic, layered, and sometimes repetitive characteristic than Indie music. But basically, most music groups you have never heard of, that also have strange names, are likely to be popular amongst the Hipsters.

Of course these are just a few defining matters about today’s Hipsters. But in order for this article to be cool enough by Hipster standards, I have to cut this short, because really guys, I don’t really care. Whatever….




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9 03 2010
Slowly Becoming Hipster « C.A.P.S.love.

[…] 9 03 2010 Hey guys. I have some news which you might find unfortunate. I think I am becoming a Hipster. It was just a few weeks ago that my cousin told me of a Hipster band called Yeasayer. In an effort […]

19 10 2010

HEY! I’m the guy who drew that “only use sarcasm ironically” picture. I don’t mind you using it, i’m just excited you liked it enough to put it here. THANKS!

19 10 2010

Oh wow cool! I love the illustration. It is totally what I was trying to explain in the post. A big, YOU’RE WELCOME! 🙂

28 12 2010
A Few Of My Favorite Posts: 2010 Part 1 « C.A.P.S.love.

[…] In February, I honed into my new culture obsession way of life. It started out as a joke, it turned into a fascination, and then I came to accept my new direction in terms of music and fashion. Though I granted, will still not be filly submersed into this “anti-genre.” […]

6 08 2011
9 10 2011

OMG! Am I hipster?! :))
1. I love scarfs! I feel so good when I wear one 🙂
2. I love vintage hats! I feel so cool when I wear one 🙂
3. I love “Hipster” music! I just love looking for new artists, and waiting for them to reach number 1 on the list, so I can say “I knew it!” 🙂
4. I found this post, because I wanted to post something sarcastic on FB to make fun of the people who have “cool” profile pics (they wear ray-ban, trendy hairstyle and they are “like totally cool” :))))

OMG! I am a hipster!

18 04 2012
Lexi King

You would have been a hipster until you said you were a hipster. That’s the irony of it all.

18 04 2012
Lexi King

I love this post. It’s so true. I know a few Hipsters and Blipsters myself. The Blipster colours, they blind me. But seriously my friends (and even my teachers) have been calling me a hipster all year and I just looked this up to see what they were on about. Sure I like the music and fashion etc, but I’m not a hipster. I’m just good old Lexi. Labels just piss me off.

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