National Crush Day

23 02 2010

I recently stumbled across this post about National Crush Day, a holiday which I seemed to have missed. According to some bloggers, Every February 20th is Crush Day where you embrace your crush and maybe even tell them how you feel about them.

This past Saturday was February 20th, and thus the apparent “holiday” I happened to miss. I did not spend the day thinking about my latest crush, because for the first time ever, I do not have a crush. I know this may come as a surprise to many of you, because I always seem to be crushing on someone. But I’ve been in a slump lately. For the past few months (actually since before New Year’s) I have been crush-less.

Now I’m talking about realistic crushes here. While I will forever have my celebrity crushes (see below), and even those of whom I dream to work out with, they are still celebrities, so that automatically falls into the “unrealistic” category, as unfortunate as that may be.

from left: Fehr, Laich, Ovechkin, Morrisonn, and Green (all of whom I love except for maybe Morissonn)

Anyways, like I said, I’m currently crush-less. It’s kind of an odd feeling, coming from one who is usually prone to developing crushes on every guy I see. But lately I have not been around guys who have peaked my interest.

This unusual slump however, isn’t really that bad. I have come to the sad truth that any crush I have doesn’t end well, so being crush-less, is kind of a nice break. It’s not even all that depressing not to have a crush. I’m not tied down to liking a guy. I feel a little more free. It’s kind of like I have reached the epitome of being single. It’s not like being crush-less is great though, but it’s not terrible either. It’s neutral territory for me. Of course having a crush is more exciting, but it’s not like I can just force myself to develop a crush, either.

I think I need to go out and meet more people.




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7 02 2012
Too Old For A Crush? | C.A.P.S.Love Two: The Girl On The JumboTron

[…] few years ago, I introduced my readers to National Crush Day which occurs every February 20th. When I last wrote about this “holiday,” I was […]

27 11 2012
baby girl _marie

I know I am a little late but in my opinion ‘national crush day’ seems weird in my school we have to write our crushes name on our wrist in Sharpie

27 11 2012

Where do you go to school? That’s kind of terrible- it eliminates the whole secrecy of having a crush. But couldn’t you just lie?

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