A Lovely Snow Video

22 02 2010

There is a video on the internet that is making its rounds as one of the most lovely things to come out of the snowstorms in D.C. this month. You may have seen it before. I heard it was on the Facebook group for the Snowpocalypse. You may have seen it while wandering through the site it is posted on, Vimeo.com or on another blog, such as my friend’s blog (where I first saw it).

This video is my new favorite thing. Everything about it makes me smile. It is a happy and mellow recount of the treacherous snow that blanketed D.C. this month… twice. The video is taken on two Canon 7Ds, the latest and greatest video/still cameras out right now. I talked to my co-worker about this camera and he informed me that while it costs a fortune, it really is amazing and takes very high quality pictures and videos.

Aside from the video being of wonderful quality, the subject is very cheery. While many people were going crazy from cabin fever, shoveling, or the all around poor conditions for getting around, there were still plenty others who happily enjoyed the snow. This video is of those who weren’t afraid to go out and explore the snow in D.C. It shows people having fun in the snow: sledding, walking, playing, and smiling.

The music sure helps with the uplifting mood, too. Provided by Vampire Weekend off their newest and second album called, Contra, the song is pleasantly mellow with a playful tone. The unique instrumentation adds character to maybe my favorite part of the video (at 1:17) where what sounds like a marimba creates color when you see people sledding down icy steps. This shows expert editing in the video as well.

Like I said, everything (the high quality production, the cheery subject, and the happy and calming music) about this video makes me smile and not grow tired of it when I watch it over and over again. I hope you feel the same way too. Enjoy at the link below!

Washington, DC Snow Storm




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