Valentines Day Week

18 02 2010

Everyone loves (or loves to hate) Valentines Day. It is a time to spend money on fancy dinner dates, buy bouquets of flowers, eat plenty of chocolates and conversation hearts, and make sweet, sweet love to the Hallmark card industry. However, Valentines Day only lasts for a day, so it’s up to us to make the best use of our 24 hours of love. This past snow-covered Valentines Day seemed to be like every past festive day of love.

So, why, you ask, am I writing about a holiday that is over?

It’s technically four days past Valentines Day, but not in the eyes of Maryland Governor O’Malley, who for 2010, has extended Valentines Day an entire week. Yes, it was an official press release. The headline exclaims,

Governor O’Malley Extends Valentine’s Day Through February 21
Gives Maryland residents more time to order flowers, book restaurants, buy gifts and plan getaways

This is no joke. Thanks to Maryland’s governor, you can celebrate your love for your significant other for the entire week (but only if you live in Maryland)! Maryland is too good for a National holiday. We are too cool for school, if you will. We can take a day and turn it into a whole week. No longer will we be limited to 24 hours to eat candy hearts and give meaningless cards to each other.

To find out O’Malley’s reasoning for this change of heart (get it? ha!), check out the full Press Release in all it’s glory here. And don’t forget to wish your neighbor a very Happy Valentines Week!




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