Rangers FAIL

17 02 2010

Dan: Did you see the article about the guy who proposed to his girlfriend at the Rangers game and got turned down?

Me: No.

Dan: Oh. They had a video of it  I kinda felt bad for the guy… apparently it was staged though. It was still funny.

Me: Nobody should propose at a Rangers game. End of story.

Dan: Well aparently it turns out that they were paid actors and it was staged and ironically they were already engaged.

Me: ha

Dan: But it was still funny to watch.

Me: NYC = weirdos

Dan: Here’s the video to the proposal thing:

Me: Cool, thanks. That’s kind of strange for in-game entertainment.

Dan: They do it at baseball games all the time. I figured hockey was no diffrent.

Me: No, I mean, a fake rejection. I’ve heard of proposing during a sports game.

Dan: Oh. Yeah. That was a little odd.

Me: For a fake-rejection to be entertainment is kind of odd.

Dan: But I like it…sort of Anti-Valentines Day.

Me: Right. I mean, usually it would be good if it were for the other team though. But it was ahome game and they were wearing Rangers jerseys.

…So basically it just shows that Rangers fans = FAIL




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