Fashion At The 52nd Grammy’s

1 02 2010

I didn’t start watching the Grammy’s until around 10pm, so thus I didn’t watch it all. From what I did see, I did have my share of comments about the fashion. Here’s what I thought…

– Did Beyonce get her dress from a can recycling plant? No, not the one she wore on the red carpet, but the one she wore to accept an award. But why was she wearing two dresses anyways?

Her dress was equally as distracting as her cleavage.

– I don’t know who these people are, but I do love their dresses:

Melanie Fiona wears a wonderful swooping black dress

Keri Hilson looks great in my all-time favorite dress style, the Mermaid.

– Who wears a t-shirt and pants to the Grammys?!? Come on!


– Speaking of being too casual for the Grammy’s, Travis Barker and his son also wore their street clothes. But I have to hand it to the kid for choosing the best t-shirt:

Travis Barker's son

– Can someone please tell Taylor Swift that’s ok to eat something? I was more focused on how she looked anorexic in this blue number:

Dear Taylor Swift: Please eat something!

– Usher looks great in this contrasting, but not distracting multi-pieced suit:

Usher's good fashion sense shines through.

– So, maybe I’m just not so knowledgeable about him, but nobody told me that the late DJ AM was of the band, Crazy Town that sang one of my favorite 90s hits, Butterfly!




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