Autographing Arms

29 01 2010

In my latest quest to be the greatest and most dedicated and original Caps fan, I have come up with what might be the way to be a memorable fan in the eyes of the Caps players. Throughout the years, I have wondered about what I could do to stand out among the thousands (if not, millions) of Washington Capitals fans.

In the past, I have sent Valentines to the entire team every Valentine’s Day; I’ve gone to the team practices and player signings; I’ve worn a jersey I made from a t-shirt; I’ve been to a few players’ birthday parties; and I’ve even “stalked” the players after games as they drive home. While all of these instances seemed to have put me beyond your average fan, it still seemed like I was just another fan to the team. I knew that to truly be remembered I had to do something above and beyond the normal fan’s call of duty.

So I did some thinking about how I could stand above all other fans. I concluded that if I got the players to sign something unusual every time I saw them, then that would be memorable. The first time I thought of this, I was waiting for the Caps after a game, but I didn’t have anything for them to sign. The first thought I had was that they could sign a part of my body. Most ladies would opt to have their chest signed by such famous guys, but I didn’t want to take that route. I didn’t want to make wives and girlfriends jealous or angry and I didn’t want to reveal myself to the players in such cold, winter temperatures. So I decided upon my arms. Signing my arms is pretty unusual, as I’ve never heard of anyone asking for their arms to be autographed. The first time I tried out my idea, I was able to get two autographs: Matt Bradley (left) and Nicklas Backstrom (right).

That was a few weeks ago. Eventually, the autographs washed and wore off which was a little sad, but I was still able to document it. When I went to the Caps game this past Wednesday (5-1 victory over the not-so-mighty Ducks!) I got my arms autographed again. And after meeting Tomas Fleischmann at the ESPN Zone last night, my arms are now tallied at four autographs:

clockwise from top right: Mike Knuble, Matt Bradley, Dave Steckel, and Tomas Fleischmann

I’m going to the Caps game tonight too, and if it’s not too freezing outside, I’d like to get even more autographs on my arms! (They’ve got to remember me now!) While arm-space might be hard to come by, I’m sure that the players will have to remember my now-famous arms.

Many people have even commented to me that I should get their autographs tattooed on, but I like that this is less permanent. As you can see, they are written with a red Sharpie to rock the red for the Caps too. In addition to having such an intimate autograph, the added bonus of getting my arms signed is that I have my arms signed as well as the picture to prove it! -Double the fun!




4 responses

2 02 2010

You should get your thighs autographed like that speed skater did on Colbert.

2 02 2010

Except, I can imagine it would be difficult to have my thigh signed by a player sitting high in their SUV while driving out of the stadium…

28 12 2010
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