Go-To Mad Song

28 01 2010

So, I just had a client come in to tell me to redo a project for the second time. I just want to get something clear. Every time I am about to complete a project, I send a proof to the client so that they can see what they will be getting, and if they do not like it, they can tell me to make corrections before it is too late. Well, after each and every proof, the client has told me that it looks ok to go. Yet, every time she comes back after the project has been completed to tell me I need to redo it all over.  NO effing way.

And to top it all off, this client thinks I can have it done by tomorrow. If you come to me at the last minute with a project that is to be redone not for the first time, and I am already completely swamped way more than you can even imagine, do you THINK I’d be able to get this done by tomorrow? I think not.

Do you know how mad that makes me? Ugh. So, whenever I get really mad, I have to jam out to my go-to “mad song” with the volume turned up…

Do you have a “go-to mad song” ?




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