Who’s Paying?

27 01 2010

I have a minor dilemma. A few weeks ago I bought two tickets to tonight’s Caps game. I really wanted to go and see another former Cap love of mine play against the Caps. Knowing that the game was on a random Wednesday, I acted quickly to ask all of my friends to see who would want to go with me to the game. The ticket price was a good deal for a Caps game ($35) and as how it usually works when I go to a game with a friend, I figured my friend could pay me back for their ticket. Fair deal.

Well, as it got closer to the game, I was running out of people I could ask to join me. All of the people I had asked could not come and I was getting desperate worried. Two days before the game, I went on a first date with someone. The date was ok, and since I didn’t want to decide if I liked the guy after date #1, I invited the guy to the Caps game in a last minute attempt to get some company at the game and to have another date to figure out the guy.

So here’s my dilemma. Do you think it would be fine if I asked the guy to pay for his ticket to the Caps game? That’s what I would have any of my friends do, if they had said they could come to the game. It’s not an expensive ticket, but I was not expecting to pay for both of the tickets, no matter who I got to come with me to the game.

Granted, I feel dumb because I probably should have brought this up when I asked the guy to the game. (I know, my bad.) But the way I think of it, it would be as if we were paying for ourselves; i.e, going dutch. Plus, it might be awkward if it looks like I pay for everything, since traditionally, that is for the guy to do on a date.

I asked one of my guy friends about it and in his opinion he said that from a guy’s perspective, having a girl offer to pay is a bit odd, because normally the guy would offer to pay. My friend said that he would feel weird asking the girl to pay, because he’s a guy, and that if this guy I’m going with tonight was really classy, he would just straight up, offer to pay for his ticket. There’s also the issue of if we get dinner, then I could just have the guy pay for my dinner, and I’d pay for the tickets and that could be seen as fair.

Hopefully, we just get dinner and things will take care of themselves. Because I don’t really want to bring up the question of paying for something I already paid for. I can imagine that would be incredibly awkward, even though I was never planning on paying for the second seat to begin with.

So, does anyone have any thoughts on this complicated matter?




2 responses

27 01 2010
Matthew Bryan Metzger

You asked him to go, he’s not required to pay for the ticket. You are not friends with him, and it is going to be very awkward if you ask him to pay, but go ahead, i’ll just tell you I told you so.

Have a great evening!!!!

27 01 2010

Usually if it’s a guy-girl bonding experiment, at a sporting event it’s sometimes 50/50. I always paid for the girl, whenever I’d take them to a sporting event. I took Sara for instance to an Orioles vs Red Sox game, and paid for both our tickets. I’ve always paid for both of my hockey tickets whenever I attended a game down in DC. However, if you don’t know him, and you asked him to go it shouldn’t be a problem. Just my two cents – Jack.

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