Dating A Smoker

26 01 2010

I didn’t think I was very picky when it came to the dating world. Generally, I will go on a date with practically anyone, given I am somewhat interested in them. While I don’t claim to be a “dating-machine,” I have dated guys with pretty varied interests.

Since I have taken an interest in dating guys and finding that “special someone,” I have concluded that there are only a few deal-breakers for me. Basically my number one rule of thumb is that I will not date someone who smokes cigarettes. I think tobacco is simply disgusting on all counts and I don’t want to be near that smelly and toxic nastiness. I am also extremely sensitive to the smoke and it will irritate my lungs. Aside from not wanting to be around a smoker, I could get picky and say that I can’t stand when people crack their knuckles. Aside from that, I only ask that a guy not be self-centered or over-bearing. With that in mind, I feel like it should not be difficult to find people who could fit into an acceptable category to date.

So, what am I supposed to do when I go on a date with a guy who seems pretty great in all areas except for my number one deal breaker? I have always told myself I would never even become interested in someone who smokes, because that would just immediately turn me off from them. I figured that made sense.

But I was presented with a problematic exception to my thinking. Picture this: I meet a pretty cool guy and we get along well, and he frequently confesses to really liking me, which is great; but part-way through meeting him, it turns out he’s a serious smoker. What then? Do I deal with a deal-breaker and see how long I can handle this disturbance, or do I call it quits and stay true to my logical rules of dating health and lifestyle preferences? Could I still try to feel out a potential relationship and see where this will take me, or should I just dismiss the smoker, in favor of the seemingly never-ending and depressing search for a boyfriend?




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