Animal Collective

25 01 2010

As you may have noticed on my “Song of the Week” page, I have included a few songs by the Baltimore-based band, Animal Collective. I didn’t start getting interested in Animal Collective’s music until last year, when I heard it on Fresh Air. For those not familiar with the group, their music is composed of multiple layers of catchy electronic pop rock which creates a repetitive, flowing sound. In addition to their fun music, they also tend to have very creative and unique music videos. For a great, detailed review of one of my favorite Animal Collective songs check out what my friend wrote here. That song, is the first song I heard from the band, and what got me excited about not only their music, but also their videos.

One of the reasons I like this music, is because you really get a sense of the excitement of building up to a musical climax. In, “My Girls,” the song booms with the climax of a scream. In “Brothersport,” the music takes you on a three part musical adventure. For the second section of the song, you have to endure the build-up which seems to go on forever. For the lengthy span of 1:40 – 3:15, you become trapped in a cycle of enjoying the looping sounds around you, but also eagerly awaiting to see where the music will take you next. Finally it builds up to the climax, which also happens to be my favorite part at 3:15.

You can see what I mean about my new favorite song, “Brothersport,” whose video I have included below. The video is like a fun, acid trip from a child’s perspective. I especially like the play with the quick tempo and worldly rhythm in this song. My brother and I agree that the vide has a sort of  Spike Jonze’s “Where The Wild Things Are” quality to it. To quote my brother, “It does remind me of the Where the Wild Things are remake in that same way – it seems to be targeting a very specific part of the brain, where memories of childhood innocence and A.D.D. addled-hyperactivity mesh.” I like the video (aside from the colors and lights and sounds) for the portrayal of the innocence of chilhood and that with which can spur creativity. I also thought the animation over the real-life parts were cute and clever.




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ahh, I like it

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