Cable TV Works Wonders

21 01 2010

My apartment recently switched over to digital cable and last night I re-wired my bedroom in order to accommodate this new change. I bought an extension cord and spent a good 20 or so minutes re-wiring my room and setting it up. It was definitely the highlight of my day, if not whole week.

This morning at work, one of my co-workers re-wired our office for a similar reason. We have a big, flat screen TV in our office, for the purpose of using it for the multi-media and video work our office provides. Often times when my boss is out of the office (such as this week), we watch videos on the TV. Today, my co-worker weird the TV so that we can watch regular daily programming on it. Yup. Now we have cable in our office, for no reason, other than pure entertainment.

Let me tell you, I am apparently a sucker for watching TV. The TV has been on NBC all morning. NBC isn’t even the most appealing daytime channel. We have already had the morning filled with the news, the “Bonnie Hunt Show”, a Soap Opera, and now “Ellen” (The Ellen Degeneres Show). There are probably not only much better things to watch on TV, but more important things I could be doing at work. But I guess my generation has trained me to glue my eyes to a television if it is on. It’s rather lame, actually, but I just can’t stop watching the magic picture box.

My co-worker even brought in the movie, “9” which I have been wanting to see, but the TV is on, so I have been unable to turn away from it. (Actually, you’d think that the fact that my back faces the TV in our office, when I’m seated at my desk, would prevent me from easily watching the tube; but alas, I have found myself getting slightly dizzy, by repeatedly swiveling around in my desk chair to watch the TV.)

FYI, Ellen just asked Colin Firth, “Let’s talk about how naked you are in this film. Is this possibly the most naked you have ever been in a film?” I just have to say, how can you not want to watch the TV when someone says that? Oh, the wonderfully terrible distractions of the boob tube at work!




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