On The Same Wavelength as OV

19 01 2010

You’ve read before about how I have claimed to be similar to Alex Ovechkin and while maybe you did not believe me, I have a new story about how a man who is known as The Greatest Hockey Player in the World is similar to myself.

My story starts on this past Sunday afternoon. Alex Ovechkin was battling against the mighty Philadelphia Flyers, while just next door, I was putting my body and mind into a challenging game of bowling with my bowling team. We had already finished our first game as the Caps were beating down the Flyers after two intense periods of hockey.

My bowling team began a second game of bowling, this time for fun. Someone on my team managed to knock one of the pins outside of the automatic pin cleaner-upper, leaving the pin down in front of a full set of pins in our lane. My team members became more fixated on bowling a ball so it would knock away the extra pin from our lane, than we were with actually bowling for points with the normal pins. Player after player took their turns, each of them not being able to clear away the pestering extra pin. My turn came, just as Alex Ovechkin was getting ready to take a penalty shot against the Flyers.

At the same time that Ovie made his remarkable goal, I somehow managed to knock away the annoying extra pin from our lane. In full ridiculous and surprising fashion like Ovechkin could only do, the annoying extra pin happened to be the only pin I managed to hit with my bowling ball. I swiftly hit the pin away into the back of the gutter, without laying a single other pin. It was a clean sweep. Too bad, the extra pin didn’t count, points-wise, but not in the eyes of my team members. They claimed that my feat was worth thousands of points more than any real score could grant me.

Of course, it’s because Ovie and I are meant for each other. We both showed off our sports skills at the same moment. We are so cool. We are so on the same wavelength.




2 responses

21 01 2010

Hey so this bowling thing sounds like it’s going well? This summer or fall I need to get into some sort of league.

21 01 2010

you’re welcome to join my kickball teams. it should start up in March-ish. The next bowling session’s sign-up will start in the next week or so…

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