New Time Period Descriptions

19 01 2010

Over the nice three-day weekend I got to hang out with a number of friends, some who I’ve seen recently and some, I don’t get to see very often. A few of my friends and I were talking and somehow got on the topic of what defines certain terms for the times of day. We debated when you consider the beginning of official “night time” versus the “morning.” I offered up that it became “Night” once it got dark outside (and “Morning” was when the sun rose.) But my friend debated that there needed to be more specific descriptions. My friend joked claimed that he has done “extensive research” on this topic. He explained that at some point while staying up all night, there was a turnover from calling the time, “late” to “early.” So we deciphered when that difference occurred.

The two of us carefully came up with a list of every time period of the day with its corresponding correct time period descriptive name. This is what we concluded:

12 – 4 PM: Afternoon

4 – 7: Happy Hour(s)

7 – 9: Evening

9 – 11: Night

11 – 4 AM: Late

4 – 7: Early

7 – 10: Morning

10 – 12 PM: “Noon-Time”/???

These labels are for every day and we decided that this was actually very accurate terminology. Granted, another friend had a hard time agreeing with our discovery. She argued that Noon-Time doesn’t make for a real time description, and why couldn’t the Morning be from 7 – noon. We explained that that would make mornings extra long, which didn’t work well into the rest of the day. My other friend also questioned the terms for Late and Early, since she claimed that you could also have a “Late Afternoon”, “Early Morning”, or “a Late Night.” Yet we argued back that such terms could not be combined,  because any lee-way time periods would complicate matters. This is also where Noon-Time comes into play. It is there to make up for any “middle ground” time descriptions that do not make sense.

What do you all think? Do these time descriptions make sense to you?




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