From The Other Side

14 01 2010

One of my roommates is likely moving out of the apartment I live in, because she wants to pay less for rent. Last night we held an Open House and had a handful of ladies come check out the place. I remember when I was looking to move out of my parents’ house and I was going to many Open Houses per weekend. It was only half a year ago that I moved into my apartment now, and it seems strange to be on the other side of the situation. Instead of being shown vacant rooms over and over again, now I am one of the housemates to be hosting such prospects.

It’s kind of strange to be showing off the place I live to strangers, though. The last time I was in that position was way back in high school when my family moved out the house I loved growing up in. I remember having my parents show our house to potential buyers and feeling so uncomfortable having strangers barge in on my life. Thankfully, last night during the Open House, I was more in charge this time of choosing a replacement tenant.

Choosing a new roommate is (as they always say) gonna be a hard decision. Granted, any of the twenty-something girls who came by last night could probably work out fine. I just think it’s funny how now I’m on the other side.




2 responses

14 01 2010

I can relate- last summer I had my own roommate search. However it wasn’t my first one so I’ve become used to it.

14 01 2010

You know, the first time I read that post I was like, wow, you’re being pretty anal about looking up each person’s life and details, but now that I’m in those shoes, I actually found myself searching for them on Facebook without even realizing that I was doing the same thing you were doing. I guess it’s become only natural to “stalk” people and research their lives with social networking sites at our fingertips and gleaning such personal information is so easy to find.

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