13 01 2010

Hello readers!

My roommates and I are ISO T (or, “in search of a table”). We’re looking for a new coffee table. Does anyone have one they are getting rid of that isn’t a piece of junk? I’ve been looking through Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace recently, and I would have a new table now, if I’d be willing to shell out a minimum of $50. But ideally, I’d like an inexpensive table for no more than $30, tops. I know it’s doable.

Another idea would be to build a table (or have one built) but there is a chance that it would be just as unstable and ready to fall apart at any moment, as the table we currently have. Below is the only picture I could find of the table we would like to replace:

Like the table, the picture isn’t very great. But you can kind of see that the table top is coming apart from the legs of the table. Generally, everything is falling apart. I have offered up my wood-working skills I’ve learned from a few years of theater stage crew work, but it seems that the general consensus is that really, a new table would be ideal.

So if anyone’s got any leads, that would be appreciated! I think it would be cool if we could get or make a table of recycled materials, since not only does that seem to be hip these days, but it’s also good for our environment! Thanks all (and sorry for the lame blog post today).



One response

27 10 2010
Oxygen Monitor :

the coffee tables that we have at home are topped with a thick stained glass which adds more elegance to its looks~*.

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