Unexpected Inspiration

11 01 2010

Ever since our cable provider, Comcast switched to digital cable, my roommates and I have been without cable television. Since it has taken much longer than we were expecting to get it fixed, we are left to watch whatever else is on TV. For me, that means I have been watching far too much of the Disney Channel.

The other night I was watching the Disney Channel when a new music video came on. Normally when a hip new Disney music video comes on the TV, I cringe and change the channel. I am not the biggest fan of all these latest tweenie bopper pop stars being birthed by the Disney franchise.

Before I tell you which new pop idol was singing, and have you totally judge my music taste, let me tell you that even if I hated the music (it was tolerable), I couldn’t turn away from the television, because the video was so visually enthralling. This video is one of my new favorites. I like the colors, the pattern, the fashion, the repetition, and the rhythm incorporated. This video is a fine example of putting art to music; or putting music to design. I think that even if the sound was muted, you could still get a grasp on the type of music it was, and the overall feeling of the song. When I play it with no sound, I can gather that the song is upbeat, fun, and edgy. Actually, I think I like it a whole lot more without sound, because you can then, really focus on the stunning visuals.

So without further ado, below is the video. Tell me what you think!

Plus, isn’t Selena Gomez, such a cutie?




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28 12 2010
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