The Bullets and The Deadskins

6 01 2010

It’s been a while since I last wrote about a D.C. sports team that isn’t the Caps. However, these days, it’s hard not to think about how the Wizards and the Redskins have been making the news. Both of these Washington area sports franchises have been the top stories for a few days now, but neither team is being recognized in a good way.

The Wizards’ star player, Gilbert Arenas (who I have heard being called the “Alex Ovechkin of the Wizards”) has recently been charged with bringing multiple guns into the Wizards’ locker room. Not only did Arenas bring them into the locker room, but he proceeded to brandish them in front of the team and apparently at a fellow player.

The Redskins have recently fired coach Jim Zorn after just two years and immediately hired the new coach, Mike Shanahan. While I am not much of a football fan, I was aware that the Redskins finished their season as one of the worst teams in the league with one of the worst records. Dedicated fans were embarrassed to cheer for the team and their ever-popular history was losing steam.

So with these brief overviews of how D.C.’s sports teams’ reputations are sinking, I offer you up my opinions on these matters. Let’s start off with the Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas. I do think it’s ironically humorous that this team is having gun control issues after the team was formally known as the Bullets. When Abe Pollin decided to change their violent name, I guess everyone thought that D.C.’s gun problems would no longer exist. Wrong! Is this retro t-shirt graphic totally appropriate for what’s happening now, or what?

Granted, it has now been public, that Arenas’ “gun show” was all but a misguided and unfortunate joke between he and his teammate; but jokes are not funny when you are playing with firearms. So while bringing (unloaded) guns where you shouldn’t is a problem and has been a problem in D.C., I think it is a little silly for this to be going to a grand jury. Arenas could get some serious jail time, a fine, and a suspension from playing. I think this is very unfortunate for being due to a joke. True if this really was a joke, maybe Arenas should have brought in water or Nerf guns to make his joke actually funny; but I still don’t think he should be sent to jail. He didn’t hurt anyone and apparently if he did threat someone, it wasn’t very serious. Come on, guys!

Now onto the Redskins (or as they have so earned themselves the nickname, the Deadskins). This issue of firing their two years long coach Zorn for Shanahan, just doesn’t seem so dramatic as everyone has been claiming it to be. I just think that the firing was unnecessary. You  have to note that the Redskins were NOT in last place in the league. Plenty of other teams played much worse that Washington’s team. While I never actually watched a full Redskins game this season, I did follow up on their final scores. To me, pretty much all of the Redskins games ended with a pretty close score. I would think that a losing team that needed a new coach, would be one to have terrible final scores with a large point difference. But that didn’t seem to be the case for the Redskins. (Disclaimer: I do not know how the point system works in football, so I don’t know if a few points means a lot or a little, but numbers-wise, it still seems like a little.) Besides the Redskins’ record as not being the worst, I was also a fan of Jim Zorn. Although it is for maybe the dumbest reason, I did really like the guy’s last name. “Zorn” seems like a pretty cool name to have: solid and different. Although then again, “Shanahan” is a pretty cool name, too, so at least we found a replacement with an equally fun name to say!




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6 01 2010

I’m not going to comment on Arenas’ idiocy. Friggin’ dumbass.

Anyway, thought I’d point out that coaching jobs in the NFL are unlike any other job ever. Your team does badly, you’re fired. Jim Zorn was a plenty nice guy, and the Redskins did have a glimmer of promise, especially with a relatively strong defense. And people often bring up they have the misfortune of being in an insanely tough division.

However, I doubt there was a single person in the NFL who thought Zorn would retain his job after this season. Losing teams typically go through a new coach every year or two until they become a winning team. (It makes you wonder sometimes; is it really all on the coach?)

Frankly, I’m glad they let Zorn go. Not because the horribly managed and miserably quarterbacked team is now set to win Super Bowl XLV, but because they finally acted mercifully. Zorn had been relieved of his play-calling duties, essentially becoming a lame duck that no one quite knew how much to defer to or respect. Now let’s hope he can find a good coaching job that better matches his play-calling style.

6 01 2010

welcome to the gun show!

6 01 2010
6 01 2010

Wait wait I thought you were a Ravens fan right? Oh Shanahan such a cool name tee hee hee. Do you know anything about football, besides the Washedup Deadskins signing another big name coach? This is the same guy who couldn’t do jack squat, when John Elway and Shannon Sharpe left the squad. HE DRAFTED Jay Cutler crying out loud! I mean sure this guy has 2 Superbowl rings from the 97 and 98 seasons. However since then, it’s just another big name free agent signing that will fail in 3 years time. Norv Turner, Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs, and Jim Zorn say hello Michael! 5 years, and 35 million dollars for Mike Shanahan. Thats great for Mike Shanahan, and it will probably help your organization out(somewhat but you will NEVER find another John Elway EVER). Throw more money at an overrated well known to please your snotty White Collar Douchey fanbase. Enjoy the delusion of grandeur! When you watch your most hated rivals in the playoffs, and the Ravens going on their second straight playoff apperance!

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