5 01 2010

Every new year brings new resolutions, and I would like to share some of my own. This is the year of fun and totally doable resolutions. No longer will my resolutions be bogus attempts at things I won’t actually want to do.

My number one resolution is to try 20 new beers. Perhaps I will blog about each new beer, or maybe just some of the better ones. I think it is a goal I can meet and that I will be looking forward to accomplishing. If I can do more than 20 beers, that would be great too, and with nearby bars such as RFD’s, The Brickskeller, Pizza Paradiso and ChurchKey, which boast an enormous beer selection, I am looking forward to all the possibilities! (p.s: check out that last link… it’s amazing.)

My number two resolution focuses on my blog. Last year, I was very proud to get in a blog post for basically every work day and then some. My goal was to blog every weekday (excluding holidays and vacations), and even then, I was still able to post multiple posts on some days and sometimes even on weekdays. My blog became a major priority in my life, since I was determined not to become one of the bloggers who starts up a blog, only then to become too busy or distracted to keep up with it.

However, with blogging practically day, it seemed to even cause me to make not ideal decisions. I know I always say that “bad decisions are the spice of life” but when blogging causes me to do things such as staying extra late at work, in order to get a blog post written, or to blindly sacrifice things like work, instead of the more favorable blogging; I knew things should probably change.

I still aim to blog everyday, but if it’s getting too late at work, or I have more important things to do with my life (yeah right!), I’m not necessarily going to go to extra lengths to get a blog post written. This is not to say that you should stop checking in on my blog everyday. But like the folks at Cake Wrecks were also saying, I don’t want to risk quantity over quality. I hope you understand.

So with that being said, I must get back to work! Happy New Year!




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