One Year Anniversary & Sky Mall

4 01 2010

On Saturday, January 2nd, I celebrated my one year anniversary with my blog. The one-year anniversary is traditionally known as the paper anniversary, which I found rather difficult to do, when celebrating a paper-less form of the media. So I celebrated in the most ironic way I could: by not blogging.

This was a rather easy thing to do, since I was on vacation with family in Florida. On the flight home last night, my brother and I spent maybe half of the flight scouring the pages of the Sky Mall magazine.

My brother and I challenged each other to find the most expensive item in the catalogue. At first, we thought that there could be nothing more expensive than my brother’s find of a $3,700 electronic pinball table. But then I beat that by finding the most expensive item in the magazine: a $6,500 massage chair that looked like you were sitting in a massive machine that looked like a combination of an air shuttle and an Iron Lung. I can not even imagine finding that massage chair in the Sky Mall magazine, and telling the stewards (or however it works) that you would like to purchase something for over six thousand dollars!

The other reason my brother and I were looking through the magazine, front to back was that I was half-serious about doing my next holiday shopping (for next December; I know I have plenty of time) entirely through the Sky Mall magazine o’ wonders. Except, I was trying to find possible gifts in the magazine all for under $10 each. It was really funny looking through the magazine, trying to find actual things I could give as gifts, that were actually usable. For example, there were many under $10 items that nobody would want or could use, such as replaceable electric toothbrush heads (the actual toothbrush cost more), a bag of un-popped popcorn (the popcorn machine it was meant for was well over my $10 limit), and a battery for some battery-operated gizmo. Another idea I had was just to pay for shipping for whatever a friend wanted from the magazine, but that would be a pretty lame gift. The only thing I can remember from the magazine that was something somebody might actually be able to use (for under $10) was a light-up bow, strung out of red Christmas tube lights. Oh boy.

While looking through the pages of the Sky Mall, I came across my latest obsession in the gift world: Jumpin Jammerz: one piece footed pajamas. I feel like once the Snuggie craze dies down, these pajamas will be the latest fad. I would love to get my hands on a pair of these, however with so many patterns to choose from, it would be hard to decide. But then I had a great idea. If I got a pair of Jumpin Jammerz in solid red, I could wear it to a Caps game and not only stay warm, but also show off my Caps spirit in a unique way. Maybe I’d even get on the JumboTron or be The Fan of the Game! See, I would be super cool. The only problem is that these specialty pajamas are pretty expensive, with the average price being around $45. In addition to the normal onesies, other styles include the option with a hoodie as well as the classic butt flap. Whichever style you choose (there are also different fabric options), the models on the website sure do make the pajamas look like a lot of fun… (Sorry ahead of time for the large quantity of pictures. I couldn’t pick just a few.)

As strong as a... leopard?


Looks like she could use a butt flap.

The Awkward Chicken/I Have To Pee pose

The old hand puppet dragon will get you every time.

Call Me.

Somehow, all I can think of here, is Zoolander.

Shh! I have to pee!

This seems like a slightly inappropriate pose.

I can't decide if this guy is having a blast or he just wants it all to stop. But I do love his expression.




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