Facebook Changes

30 12 2009

Last year around New Year’s time, I had the idea to make some permanent changes to my Facebook account. I thought my profile was getting a little unruly and wanted to trim down my excessive habit. As a result of the coming of 2009, I deleted a number of photo albums and groups I was in. I limited my photo albums to only include those that were in the following five categories: travel, parties, kickball, art, and hockey. While that did limit the photos I allowed my self to keep on Facebook, it still left me with a large number of photo albums on the website. I also thought it would be excessive to be in more than 100 groups, so I left a lot of repetitive groups, and tried not to be a Fan of many Pages, because I believed that Pages were just another form of a Group.

As the new year of 2010 soon approaches, I am thinking of doing some similar modifications to my Facebook profile. In addition to slimming down the number of groups and pages I am a part of, I am also considering un-friending some people on my Friends list. This wouldn’t be for many people, but perhaps for some people I just do not want the ability to constantly stalk online.

I am also considering deleting some photo albums. I currently have more than 100 photo albums and would ideally like to have under 100 albums. However, if I still stick to the five album categories that I limited myself to last year, (like I would want to) I would only be able to delete a handful of photo albums, which may not be enough of a change. I realize that the easy solution here, is just to stop taking so many photos all the time, but I kind of pride myself on always having my camera on me in order to take pictures at any time. That, and I enjoy being a photographer from the arts perspective.

On the other hand, I have been thinking about how social media is the media of the future and the future is now. Not a lot of people have photo album books or binders anymore, since most photos are digital. The digital photo format has led to virtual photo albums, whether they be on a CD or thumb drive, or online on a sharing site such as facebook or flikr. This change in sharing photos in the digital age almost makes having plenty of photo albums on facebook an acceptable faulty. If online sharing is becoming inevitable, then why should I feel bad about it? Why should I deny what is becoming the norm?

Or is there still such a thing as too much?




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