My Witch-like Powers

25 12 2009

I know it’s Christmas and that nobody’s going to read this, but I feel the need to share what strange thing just happened and why I have weird, witch-like powers…

I was just sleeping late. I was having a strange dream that I was back in college. I was walking into a large lecture hall in the Visual Arts building at my school. It was very crowded as my peers and I scrambled to find a seat before our Art History class was to begin. I made my way to one of the front rows and squished myself into a seat that was too close for comfort to the guys sitting next to me. [Oddly enough, a girl who I was talking to in real life a couple days ago when I went to a Caps game was sitting in my dream, two seats away from me. When I had seen this girl at the Caps game, I thought I had recognized her from my college, but wasn’t sure.] Suddenly in my dream, my cell phone rang as I remembered I needed to silence it for class. I was still in my huge winter coat and as I answered the phone I had to stand up to take off my coat.

My friend Matt was on the phone, and I told him I couldn’t talk because I had just gotten to class. Matt was upset. He explained that he needed to talk to me now, rather than later, because he would no longer have a day off from work, so this was the only time he could talk to me. I was upset too, but I couldn’t prolong the conversation as class was about to start. I was at a loss for words…

And then I was awakened by my cell phone ringing. I was startled by the real life phone ringing and got out of bed to go answer it. I think my first thought was that it would be pretty funny if it was Matt calling me, as he just did in my dream. I picked up the phone and it was in fact Matt who was calling me! So weird. I told him about the dream I just had about talking to him on the phone. It was so weird to have a dream in which I was practically predicting the future!




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