Post-Blizzard Thoughts

24 12 2009

The Great Blizzard of ’09 has come and lingered and in the midst of rumors for another blanket of snow to come this Christmas weekend, I offer up some thoughts about what we on the east coast have experienced so far.

As everyone was getting ready for the month of December, people’s attentions turned towards decorating for the holidays. A lot of time was spent trying to create the illusion of snow and ice in houses, offices, stores, buildings, malls, and pretty much everywhere. There were Christmas lights that look like icicles, fluffy white snow made of cotton, and more. The idea of this faux winter wonderland seemed so magical and wonderful. The fake snow was delightful to look at and spurred a fondness for such a winter environment.

And then the real stuff came. We were bombarded with what was being dubbed the Snowpocalypse! [What is this newest fascination with making up words? Either Americans are too dumb to use real English or they are too smart for our “old fashioned” and existing language.] People were freaking out everywhere. Fake impostor snow was fine and dandy, but then when the real stuff came down, it was almost like some people didn’t know what was happening.

It’s real snow, folks. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s wet. Yes, it is slippery. And yes, it will stick. And did it ever stick. The snow (and ice) stuck to the streets and as would be predicted in such a case, caused cars to be covered and streets to be impassable and even closed in some cases. Some locals acted as if they had never experienced snow before.

Yet through this chaos, the real Snow Pros knew how to properly handle themselves. Some Snow Pros stayed home and watched the snow come down, while staying warm and dry with hot cocoa and watched the plethora of holiday movies on television. Other Snow Pros enjoyed themselves out in the frigid weather by sledding, making snowmen and snow angels, had snowball fights, and just generally enjoyed themselves. Snow Pros were also seen helping to shovel out cars and create safe pathways on sidewalks and streets. Snow Pros operated the not so frequent plows. It is these Snow Pros who the rest of the snowed in population owe it to, that made the Snowpocalypse a not-so-terrible event.

Maybe in the future, more people will learn that real snow isn’t so terrible. Perhaps more people will have what it takes to be real Snow Pros and forget the unnecessary worrying and negative emotions. Remember those happy thoughts you all had towards the fake stuff? Why can’t the real precipitation be just as appreciated, if not more?




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2 01 2010

I didn’t panic- but I did get cabin fever.

3 01 2010
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18 08 2010
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[…] was quite the the snowpocalypse and it was the buzz amongst my local blogger […]

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