One Track Mind

18 12 2009

While roaming YouTube this afternoon, I came across a wonderful song. Now, normally, when I see that someone has uploaded of themselves singing a song they wrote, face on to the camera, I get a little weary. There are A LOT of these kinds of videos on YouTube and a large crop of them are not of high quality. So when I was delighted by this video, it was a pleasant surprise.

I think one of the reasons I like this song so much is because it reminds me of something Jack Johnson would sing, and I love Jack Johnson. This song, especially sounds very similar. If it were sped up a little, it would be pretty darn close:

My friend and I were quick to comment about it:

Me: I think this sounds like Double J.

S: That guy is a little JJ-ish.

Me: Yeah.

S: A little too sweet, but similar.

Me: I dunno.

S: The chords, not the text.

Me: JJ’s voice is more coo-ish, I feel; which is why I love him. -That’s where JJ scores in the “girls will like my music” category.




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