17 12 2009

You’ll never guess what happened to me last night!

I got locked in my apartment’s laundry room! Here’s how it happened…

The laundry room closes at 11PM. I know this. I know that the latest I can start my laundry is 9:30 PM. This will ensure just the amount of time it takes to wash my clothes and dry them, while still leaving a few minutes to take my clothes out of the machine and put them in the next machine or fold my laundry. I’ve got doing my laundry worked down to a T, time-wise.

Unfortunately, last night, I started my laundry at 9:45 PM. This can still be maneuvered so that I can be done right at 11 PM, however it means that i will have to make a mad dash to throw all my dried laundry into a jumbled mess in my basket to make it out of the room in time for the management to lock up. That’s fine, as I have had to do that before. It may not be the preferred way of finishing up my laundry, but that’s ok, I can deal. I’m a big girl.

Anyways, on to my story. I was folding my laundry while reading a magazine, some time after 11 PM. Nobody had come by to lock up, so I figured I had a while. Sometime around 11:10 PM, I heard the sound of the door being locked on the outside. I was a little worried, but didn’t say anything, because there’s a lock on the inside of the door, too, so I figured I could just unlock it from my side and leave on my own.

Well, 10 or so minutes later, when I was all finished folding my laundry, I went to unlock the inside lock, and found that I couldn’t get out. I tried a few more times, before I realized that I was indeed trapped in the laundry room. Thankfully I had my cell phone on me, and called my roommate. Since she was asleep, I had to leave her a message, telling her of my predicament. I searched through my phone’s contacts, hoping I could find a useful number so I would not have to resort to calling 911 (which I was considering.) I knew that my last resort would be to just wait in the laundry room all night, until someone came to unlock it at 7 AM, but hoped there would be a faster exit than that. I called the apartment building’s management office, which I knew was closed, but the voicemail there directed me to a phone number to call in case of emergency. That phone number took me to the front desk where someone is there 24/7.

After I embarrassingly explained to the front desk man that I was indeed trapped inside the laundry room on my floor, he told me he would send someone up to let me out. Thankfully, the person to come to my rescue, was the one staff lady who I am the most friendly with. I sheepishly came up with a lie to her about how I must have been on the phone when they locked the door, because that is how I could have not heard it locking. I didn’t want to seem like a complete weirdo to her. She bought it and told me that in the future I should probably finish doing my laundry by 10:30 PM.

I’m just super thankful that a) I had my phone on me and b) I had the apartment’s management office’s number in my phone. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if I had to call 911 or if I had not had my phone with me at all. It would be so embarrassing to wake up at 7 AM and explain to the staff who found me sleeping there about how I got trapped inside! So glad that was not the case!



5 responses

17 12 2009

Wow that is a ridiculous way to lock the door.

17 12 2009

What’s ridiculous is that there is a need to even lock the laundry room!

18 12 2009

Why do they lock it? My building just has laundry in the basement and I’m a big fan of the midnight-2am wash times. Are they worried someone is going to try to steal a washing machine?

18 12 2009

I have NO IDEA why they lock it!

7 07 2010
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