The New Me

16 12 2009

Dear Readers,

Some of you may notice a change in my blog’s layout today. I’d like to take you on a tour of the changes recently made to my blog.

First off, I am going to stop with the silly headings I started to do a little while back. The orange headings had a category abbreviation and the date. Apparently the category count that I was assigning was incorrect, so that will be discontinued. The date is also unnecessary since it is already posed to the right of each post, anyways.

Another change I am making is that instead of duplicating every post into its own page as well (which showed up on the Page left sidebar) I am only writing each post out once. I know some of you didn’t know that’s how I was operating, and I have finally come to realize that that was just plain silly and not needed. Plus, now everytime you search for an entry under the search tab, it will come up twice; in post and page form. Sorry.

The calendar at top still stays there, if you want to easily find a post I wrote within the past month. You know, I look out for you readers, making sure you can easily find any previous post in many different ways…

This brings me to the Search option. I may have had it before, but perhaps (like me) you were unaware of it’s potential. This search works only for my blog, so if there’s a certain topic you would like to read about like The Caps or beer, you can simply type in the keywords and everything I have written about in that search will come up. How convenient!

This brings me to some new features. As you go down the right column, you will see two new features: the Monthly Archives and the Categories. These are two different pull-down searches. The Monthly Archives simply shows you all the months I have written during (i.e: all) and how many posts per month I have written. This is useful if, for example you want to see what I wrote at a certain time of year or are curious what my first post was. The Categories menu lets you search for posts all written within one category of this blog (say it with me folks: Celebs, Arts, Ponderings, Sports, Love, the two newest additions of Food/Drink and Metro….and the mysterious “Uncategorized” which I will try to eliminate).

Next up are the Blog Stats which show you how popular my blog is. I keep it up to reassure my ego that people really are interested in what I write. You can also see how cool I am with this feature, too. You’re welcome.

Top Clicks shows you all the recent links that people have clicked on, on my blog. This refreshes every day or so.

Next up is the Blogroll or what I like to call, the Links. These are compiled of my family and friends’ websites, websites I have found that are of interest to me and probably you, and all around good cheer. I encourage you to visit these sites and make sure to check back every once in a while, as I do add to this growing list.

Down below this are a couple of links to social communities I am a part of. Nothing too fancy.

Anyways, I hope this new blog layout will please you all. As usual, any suggestions are always welcome!




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