That’s What She Said!

15 12 2009

P. 100  12/15/09

For a while now, I’ve been trying to discover of the history of the classic and ever-funny phrase, “That’s what she said.” I always thought it was created on the popular TV show, “The Office,” even though others have doubted that it is that recent. It wasn’t until last week when I discovered the catch phrase being used in pop culture older than “The Office”…

There is a scene in the movie, “Wayne’s World” where the main characters, Wayne and Garth are sitting on their couch doing an episode of their TV show, “Wayne’s World.” (How aptly named.) They are doing a segment about one of their top-pick Babes, Claudia Schiffer and Garth is holding a large poster of the model/actress.  The following conversation ensues:

Garth Algar: Hey, are you done yet? I’m getting tired of holding it.
Wayne Campbell: Yeah, that’s what she said.

Ha ha ha! That movie which came out in 1992, is the first officially documented occurrence of the famous double entendre/sexual innuendo phrase. Even Wikipedia agrees that the movie, “Wayne’s World” was the first to create this current phenomenon.

In addition to “that’s what she said” being popularized by the TV show, “The Office,” the band, The Automatic, (which I know for their hit, “Raoul”) has even done a song with the same name as the catch phrase…



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