Now What?

15 12 2009

Hello Readers!

With the coming and going of my blog’s most recent “accomplishment” of its 100th post in the Ponderings section, it makes me wonder if I’m going about this blogging business correctly; web design-wise.

As you may have noticed, the right side of the blog gets extremely long, with every single post shown. While I do like how every post I’ve written is shown to make for easy navigation to past articles, it does seem to get excessive and takes up a lot of space. I’m considering getting rid of all of the shown history to lighten up the space and the page. Perhaps I should only show the categories. Or maybe I could only show my favorites posts. I’ve looked at a few other blogs and I seem to be the only blogger who a) shows my entire history of posts and b) has such a lengthy history of posts. Another idea is not to change a thing with the layout, and continue to go about my blog in my own unique way.

So can anyone provide me with their opinion? Should I change things now or wait until my blog’s one year birthday on January 2nd? Should anything change or should I keep things the same? If I were to change the layout for an easier-to-read layout without changing the website host or anything drastic, what would stay and what would go? Please tell me what you think!!!




2 responses

15 12 2009

ya shorten the list on the side. Does wordpress allow you to add a search function? Or maybe make each page show all the entries for that section too.

16 12 2009

I recommend a drop down menu somewhere, and perhaps keeping the most recent links there on the right…

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