14 12 2009

P. 99  12/14/09

Unlike when I had a radio show and welcomed taking requests for songs on my shows, my blog seems to work differently. While requests for my blog isn’t as apparent, I do seem to get requests from time to time on what I should write about. While I always welcome suggestions, I typically stick to writing about my own ideas. However over the weekend on Saturday night, I ran into a “long-lost” friend who wanted me to write about our encounter in my blog. This time I am giving in. (However this post is not simply about seeing my friend; it is about my entire Saturday night.)

The evening began at 5PM at Ben’s Next Door on U St. NW. A friend and I went for a bar crawl sponsored by the bowling league (Better Off Bowling) we’re on. Apparently the bar crawl which was planed last minute, wasn’t really organized well, and the bars we went to, came up with a few Happy Hour specials for us, once we got there. It was a kind of lame last minute attempt but it could have been worse. My friend and I also didn’t see anyone we knew, so an order of fries and a few bars later, we decided to ditch the event.

One of my dad’s clients/friends had told me about a bar that rivals RFD’s for most amount of beers available. This bar on 14th St. NW called, ChurchKey (above the restaurant, Birch & Barely under the same owner) has what seems like a zillion beers on tap (50 to be exact plus 500 in bottles) and 5 different cask ales as well. The draft beer menus are in a small binder and can be truly intimidating.

The only beer I could order due to my complete defeat of utter intimidation was a bottle of a beer called, Brother Thelonious which I had just tried earlier at Ben’s Next Door. I give this beer high points for its strong chocolate flavor and 9.4% abv. (That, and I like Thelonious Monk.) My friend also ordered tater tots because of his infatuation fondness for the childhood snack. (Plus, the tots were also the closest we got to latkes for Chanukah!)

After watching the first two periods of the Caps game at ChurchKey, we decided to walk to Dupont Circle for some crepes at Crepes-a-Go-Go and get to Buffalo Billiards to catch the last period of the hockey game. A few delicious crepes later, we finally made it to Buffalo Billiards. However, for some reason, every single one of the bar’s numerous TVs were all tuned to a boxing match. Seriously, I do not know why the Caps game was not on any of the televisions, but it was seriously disappointing.

As my buddy and I walked throughout the bar in disbelief in our misfortune, I ran into a friend of mine from my high school days. Ironically, this is the second time in a row I have seen this friend at this bar, and we joked about how we are secretly stalking the other. Apparently some of my high school friends were there for a party celebrating the weekend-long return of another friend who currently lives with her husband in England. This Ex-Pat is a girl I was very good friends with from elementary school days, and I hadn’t seen her since high school, some six years ago. It was a total blast from the past as we were both shocked to see the other. I also met her British husband, who for some reason totally blew my mind with his real British accent. I mean, I knew he was British, and thus had an accent, but for hearing his voice for the first time, somehow boggled my mind.

Since the friend I was with didn’t go to my high school and thus, didn’t know the entourage of friends of mine at this mini-reunion, and I was being my usual, shy self, we decided to leave. To end our crazy night, as we got on the Metro, we saw two guys dressed in full Santa costumes that were part of a bar crawl for people dressed in full Santa Claus garb. I briefly sat next to a Santa who was almost asleep and we had a strange yet brief conversation. It was pretty funny and a good way to end my crazy Saturday night.




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