Crepes in Chinatown

11 12 2009

F/D. 17  12/11/09

Washington, D.C.’s Chinatown has become a sort of outdoor food court to me and my friends as we frequent the neighborhood, looking for the right food to treat our taste buds and stomachs. Chinatown plays host to many different restaurants such as Chop’t, Fuddruckers, Ruby Tuesday, Potbelly’s, Chipotle, California Tortilla, McDonalds, and let us not forget the block of Chinese restaurants.

With so many restaurants in the compact area, why was it, that something still seemed to be missing? True, our Food Court has an inconvenient lack of a communal seating area, but we don’t seem to mind as we all convene on the stairs of the American Art Museum/Portrait Gallery. But perhaps the thing missing in Chinatown was the ability to grab a quick bite to eat and forgo settling into the restaurant habit. Since street space in Chinatown is limited to traffic, perhaps it was that there were no food carts nearby selling hot pretzels or half smokes.

But last Friday seemed to change all that. Last Friday, December 4th, a new face in town showed up on the Chinatown food circuit. A free-standing stand between the Verizon Center and Clyde’s starting serving up a hot food that has yet to grace the streets of Chinatown. Haven’t guessed it yet? [Oh, sorry, the title already gave it away!]

Crepes. The unique food item of French origin, that is basically a flat pancake quesadilla filled or topped with sweet spreads such as the favorite Nutella or other sweet or savory combinations. Crepes-a-Go-Go, the latest and greatest company is serving up a number of crepes from there mini-shop on 7th Street. Their menu includes two lists, Sweet and Savory, to help you decide on your crepe, depending on your mood. The crepery also lets you know you can create your own crepe insides-combination, which sounds rather promising and fun. Crepes are served to you folded up in tin foil and a paper towel and placed in a round paper cup, like you would normally use for a sno-ball. This ensures for proper on-the-go eating of your crepe.

So far, I have tried a crepe from either side of the menu and both have been fantastic. Upon my maiden voyage to Crepes-a-Go-Go, I tried a turkey, cheese, and pineapple “savory” crepe that was warm and gooey and delightful. The chunks of pineapple, though from a can, added a tasty sweetness which added a surprising depth to the more predictable turkey and cheese combination. On my second and most recent trip, I tried something from the “sweet” menu, the delectable, apple, cinnamon, and brown sugar crepe. This was amazing. The brown sugar and cinnamon combination reminded me of something like a churro, but with the baked apple chunks, I was immediately reminded of an apple pie. One of my friends repeatedly ordered the simple and sweet Nutella crepe with reported success both times. Another friend of mine got a crepe with sugar and butter, which seemed a little juvenile to the other more complex flavor combinations offered. Yet, by the look on my friend’s face and her many compliments on her snack, it was apparent she enjoyed her selection, too.

All in all, my friends and I surely hope this new crepe stand can stand up to its bigger neighbors. I can see the crepes being a popular attraction for bar-hoppers or hungry fans after sports games let out at the Verizon Center. The Crepe stand is open till 10pm on weekdays which makes the latter a likely situation. As for the bar hoppers, weekend hours will apparently go later, but to my knowledge that is still to be determined.




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15 12 2009

Once again another non-Asian restaurant in Chinatown.

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