Better Off Bowling

7 12 2009

S. 44  12/7/09

I recently joined a co-ed Bowling league called, Better Off Bowling which works much like kickball, in that the two main goals that seem to stem from this league are to meet new people and to drink heavily.

I played my first game yesterday, and there are a few things I have learned about why team bowling is such a great experience. For one, it is a really easy way to learn names, since every team member’s name is entered into overhead televisions which document the scores. I do not claim to be great with names, so the repetition of being able to match a name with a face every time someone bowls, is a major plus.

Another thing I have discovered about bowling (which I somehow have never noticed before) is that bowling includes a lot of time spent looking at people’s butts. Bowling is one of the few sports I can think of where a good amount of time is spent looking at your teammate’s backside. This is a plus when the teams are comprised of young, good looking people, a lot of whom are single.

So, even after going to just one game of bowling, I can see that this bowling thing is going to be a good experience.




3 responses

7 12 2009
The Best Person Ever

I can’t believe I have to call you a “friend” of mine.

8 12 2009

Let me know what you think of this- a very interesting take on bowling.

8 12 2009

Patrick, what are you referring to?

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