Edward Albee

4 12 2009

C. 28  12/4/09

Last night I had the opportunity to meet, famed playwright, Edward Albee at a private interview hosted by my dad’s law firm. Edward Albee’s plays are known for their impeccable use of the English language. Probably his most famous play is, “Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?” Other than 81 year old, Albee( who has been described as being one of the greatest living playwrights), other local celebrities in attendance included four-year-on-the-bestseller-list author, Deborah Tannen and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

The event last night is being described as, “an astonishingly intimate evening with two major celebrities in conversation, that could just as well have been held in the Red Room at the White House.” One of the hosts, my dad, set this occasion up because he specializes in non-profit financing and works closely with the Arena Stage, where many of Albee’s works have been performed.

In the hour-long interview, one of the best things Albee discussed was the difference between paying attention and listening, since this was a recurring theme in some of his plays. I am very glad this was discussed, because I have always been able to distinguish the difference, yet have been called out for not seeming like I have. For example, paying attention refers to being aware of what is around you and being alert. Listening refers to the actual hearing of information presented. Many times I have found myself not paying attention (to something like a class or speech) yet I am still retaining the information given, because I am still listening.

A few of my favorite quotes from Albee last night were:

“I didn’t fall in love with you. –I rose up in love with you.” [A nice play on the English language of the term, “falling” in love.]

“Friendship is seeing someone you don’t much like, over and over again.” [This is not a direct quote, but it is similar. I know a few friends of mine for whom this is relevant to for their relationships with others.]

I was able to snap a few pictures which are below. The first picture was taken by someone professionally. [By the way, I love his mustache!]




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