Talk Hard

3 12 2009

A. 59  12/2/09

If you’ve never seen or heard of it, a great movie from the 1990s is, “Pump Up The Volume.” I’m not going to delve into the storyline so much, because that isn’t what this post is about. But to give you a sense of the movie, it’s about a high school shock jock pirate radio DJ in Arizona in the 1990s. His racy and rebellious radio shows turn his school upside-down and causes a lot of serious drama, while still keeping it in high school.

But like I said, this post isn’t really about the movie’s plot. It’s about one of the reasons why this movie is so good: Christian Slater. Or to be more specific, Christian Slater’s hot body. Yup. He takes his shirt off in the movie, and it’s pretty nice eye candy. Ok, so I admit he looks better in the movie than these pictures, but for a then-21 year old, it ain’t too shabby either. Here’s what I’m talking about. Enjoy!!!




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