Thanksgiving Leftovers

27 11 2009

P. 95  11/27/09

Like Thanksgiving’s food leftovers, there are also Thanksgiving blog post leftovers such as this one. I know that since Thanksgiving only lasts for one day, that there isn’t the need for a second post about this great food-based holiday. But we are so used to the idea of leftovers, so why not give it another go-around?

I think a lot of people get Thanksgiving all wrong. It’s not really a holiday that lasts just one day. With Thanksgiving usually comes days of eating and days of leftovers. We all know that Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, but does anyone know why? I say Thanksgiving should be declared a two-day holiday for a few reasons.

First of all, then knobody has to fret about going back to school or work for one day left of the week. Most everyone travels for Thanksgiving and it would just be a whole lot easier if we all just got the next day off, as well. But also, Thanksgiving should last two days, to celebrate all of the leftovers that seem to be inevitable. We need an extra day just for the Thanksgiving meal’s leftovers. We should have the day to be extra thankful for our abundance.

To celebrate this idea of making Thanksgiving a National two-day holiday, I am bringing you a fantastic (almost) Thanksgiving-themed song. (This would be the song of the week, if I actually had the song stuck in my head, but instead, I’ve really just had one segment stuck in my head 1:41-the end.)




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