Living In A Dream

24 11 2009

P. 93  11/24/09

I have decided that over the past few days, I have been living in a dream. Something I have always dreamt of happening actually did happen, and it was amazing. For that limited time when I was living the dream, it was very nice. The dream had limited physical remnants on my real, “physical” life too, which made the transition from the sub-conscious to the conscious relatively easy.

However, dreams don’t last forever. Living in a good dream is better than not, and I was sad to see the dream come to an end. When I was faced with reality, I sadly realized that this dreamy and strange stream of events could only really have happened in a dream or in my mind. Things I dream up like this never actually happen to me. Reality made me realize that you can’t really obtain everything you dream about and have it last for a while…




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