A Vague Situation

23 11 2009

P. 92  11/23/09

A situation between two parties occurred over the weekend.

Both parties got along as friends before and during the situation. Both parties may have felt differently about the situation after it had happened.

Party 1 feels strongly about Party 2 and would like to both keep Party 2 happy and find out for sure Party 2’s opinion of the situation. Party 1 does not know which is more valuable: finding out Party 2’s feelings for sure or not bringing it up and keeping Party 2’s feelings as positive as possible.

Party 1 had positive feelings coming out of the situation, but it is important to Party 1 to learn whether or not Party 2 also felt positively about the situation. However, approaching Party 2 directly may result in Party 2 feeling uneasy and ultimately result in negative feelings.




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