Optical Illusion

20 11 2009

P. 91   11/20/09

Sorry readers. This is like the first time ever that I have writer’s block and seriously can’t think of anything decent to write. I guess it was bound to happen. I do think it’s impressive though that I’ve gone 11 months before succumbing to this annoying void of thoughts. But it’s a Friday, so I feel that that’s a little more forgivable.

So instead I am bringing you this optical illusion. How is this an illusion, you ask? Well it seems that the green and the blue stripes in this image are actually the same color. They are both the same color as the colored box at the bottom. The arrows point to the places where the green/blue stripes intersect with the box. When you look closely, you can see that when merged into the box, the stripes are actually the same color as the box. Freaky, right? This is explained to us because our brain perceives colors by what is next to them. Thus, the pink color creates a blue tint and the orange color creates a green tint in our brains.




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