Mexican For A Week

16 11 2009

F/D. 16   11/16/09

I just want everyone to know that last week for practically every day I ate Mexican food. It was pretty good every day.

It started off with my recent tradition of Sunday dinners at Chipotle. Monday, I went to a Mexican restaurant I had never been to in Tenleytown with a friend. Tuesday and Thursday found me with a burrito and a quesadilla. Friday, I had a massive serving of Nachos at RFD’s. Saturday was another quesadilla. Sadly, I could not make it a full week of Mexican food, because on Wednesday, I broke the stream by going to Baltimore and eating Old Bay-covered shrimp. However, I was still in the presence of Mexican food, since my friend had gotten tacos. (So basically, every day that I was at home last week, I ate Mexican faire.)

It was a great feat, and funny enough, it just happened to be one huge coincidence. I never thought to myself that I had to continue my Mexican food streak for continuity’s sake.

The massive heap of nachos at RFD's.






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