Lime in the Coconut

12 11 2009

F/D. 15   11/12/09

Today my co-workers decided that with this crummy weather we’ve been having, that it would be a good day to order lunch out from this Thai restaurant we like, called Talay Thai.

I had already brought my lunch, but with my body still coughing post-sickness, I felt an order of soup was in my future. Last time we ordered lunch from this place I got Wonton Soup which was good, but it’s nothing special, and it’s also not actually Thai food. So today I tried a new soup called Chicken Herbs (Tom Ka Gai). It’s described as “chicken with herbs, spices, galanga root, lime juices and coconut milk.” Aside from not knowing what galanga root is, I like all of the ingredients, so it sounded pretty promising.

When I got the soup it looked like it was a coconut milk-based dish. I was expecting some milk, but not this much. Ordering a milky food was probably not the best choice for being sick, but then again, coconut milk isn’t dairy so that’s ok. Anyways, the soup was creamy white with a few pieces of chicken and parsley and had a reddish spice mixed through. It sort of looked like this:


I was glad to have some hot liquid going down my throat, but when I was able to distinguish the taste, I wasn’t too sure I ordered correctly. The soup was milky and kind of sour. Normally I am a big fan of lime, but the lime juice in this spicy coconut concoction was too overpowering. I also wished there was more than three small pieces of chicken. If this soup is being called Chicken and Herbs, there should be chicken and herbs visibly present. Also, the few pieces of soggy parsley were too sparse. While it wasn’t a complete failure of a dish, I don’t think I would order it again.

As I was describing this limey-coconut soup to my co-workers, we realized that there was actually a song of what I had eaten:




One response

13 11 2009

I’m sick and I bough some steak and cheese soup after an impulse hungry buy at Whole Foods. I still enjoyed it but I bought way too much.

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