Another Monday

9 11 2009

P.89  11/9/09

It’s a Monday and I’ve barely gotten any work done today. But that isn’t news. It seems like I never get work done on Mondays. I don’t have any pressing work due soon and I’m exhausted. Plus, there’s a fresh weekend full of content to see on Facebook! And I learned today that I am off on Wednesday for Veteran’s Day (which I always thought was on a Monday) which is pretty exciting because I am going to spend it with my BFF, Matt in Baltimore.

I had a monumental and super exciting weekend too, which is hard to forget about. Saturday night I went to one of the best Caps games ever with my roommate and family. The amazing final score was 7-4 with a back-to-back win over the Florida Panthers. We sat in box seats right behind the Fan of the Game; a guy with a bald head painted in all red and he wore a jersey that said, “Head” on the back.


My roommate and I got our picture taken with him as well as with Slapshot who came right up to our box! I am friends with the roommate of the guy underneath the costume, and I told him so. It kind of freaked out the Slapshot guy but all in good fun. It was great. I love Slapshot.

Then on Sunday I had the kickball playoffs. My team was in first place going in, and we won our first game against the worst team, 7-5. Our next game was against a team we had never actually played, and it was a great game. We ended up losing 9-7 which was pretty sad. Our next game next weekend determines who will land in trophy-winning third place. It’s pretty exciting. At the bar we played some really good flipcup and my whole team played Survivor Flipcup. I ended up making it all the way to the final two and lost by half a second, which was pretty fun.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend. Too bad fun weekends have to be followed by monotonous, boring Mondays.



One response

9 11 2009

Hahahaha “Head.” Yeah I’ve seen him before at a few games. Well recent games that is when the Capitals starting doing well. So yeah anyway, my Canadiens are rolling into town on the 20th. It’s another injury prone, and yet it is trying season where we are staring at 500 hockey once again. But yes I am off Veterans Day as well. My buddy Leroy is coming back into Mt Vernon for a good period of time actually. I hope he doesn’t get suckered into another campaign trail.

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